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Kent Campbell

Kent has dedicated his entire life to agriculture. He graduated from Clark State Community College with a degree in Agri-Business.  He has worked in agriculture ever since. 

Kent specializes in personalized feeding plans for 4-H and production animals.  
Beki Ryan

Beki is a 2016 graduate from Clark State Community College where she majored in Business Management.  

She lives on the family farm with her husband and children. 

Beki specializes in horse feeds and customer service. 
Charlene Campbell

Charlene is a retired educator.  She occupies her time mostly with volunteer work serving her church.  

Charlene works mostly behind the scenes, but you will see her in the store as well.  
Gail Sowell

Gail is living in Kentucky with her husband and children.  She is a literacy coach for Oldham County High School.  

Gail specializes in company relations and outside input.